Thoughts of summer

Same time every year around the end of march or so I always start thinking about summer and the fact that its just around the corner. From the smell of freshly mowed grass,the lilacs in my back yard to the songs of all the different birds building there nests in my crab apple trees and those warm summer breezes.

I look forward to Saturday mornings going fishing with my son and my two grandsons later on firing up the ol barbecue grill and sitting back with a tall glass of lemonade. Catch and release fire fly competitions, bat mitten,Frisbees and baseball with the whole family at the same time what chaotic fun!.

Not to brag mind ya but I can invite five people to a cookout and 15 will show up not including drive bys and neighbors but there always welcome and always contribute to the fun and being the musically inclined bunch we are we usually end up in an acoustic guitar jam and we even write our own songs.

Well I guess it will all come full circle soon enough but for now Spring has sprung!
I hear the fish are starting to bite and you couldn't hold me back with a truck. Enough rambling hope you find this template useful.

Oh yea this template:

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